Friday, January 10, 2014

Not a No Spend Day

I was hoping for another no spend day and was doing well until afternoon.  I knew we would be gone all day so I made us breakfast at home then packed a lunch for us so we wouldn't need to go to a restaurant but by mid afternoon I was feeling my energy slump and I happened to be near a Baskin Robbins so I stopped and...well now I feel quite peppy with the burst of caffeine.  And then on the way back to pick up hubby--since I had already busted our no spend day--I stopped by the Asian market and picked him up a crab for dinner.

Daily update:

  • Walk: 2 miles (971 miles to go. Perfect walking weather this afternoon!)
  • No spend: Spent $12.48  ($3.34 for the Blast and $9.14 for the crab--he was a big guy and will probably make three meals for hubby).
  • Update this blog: yep
  • Update client's blog: yep
  • Photo: yep (the crab)
  • Client work: 2 hours
  • Genealogy: stopped by the library and they showed me how to order old copies of newspapers through their inter-library loan program...I will be ordering like a fiend this evening!
  • Writing: yep. LOVE my tablet. Where ever I am I write and write and write and at the end of the day I end up with three or four pages to add to my main manuscript.
On a side note, since I have been doing my daily goals each day I haven't had time to hang out online (reddit, reading the news, Facebook, etc) which is exactly what I was hoping for.  I am much happier when I consume less media...probably since most media is depressing or rage inducing or sad or otherwise negative. 

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