Thursday, January 30, 2014

OK Now I am REALLY Done Shopping

Today we had nothing to do.  Hubby is finished with poker for a while (some guy won the $120k jackpot late last night so now all of the tired poker players can go home and recuperate from playing so much) so I said "let's go pick up a kitchen faucet at Home Depot."  $1,175.18 later we are finished with everything on my shopping list...  (As you can guess, no spend month starts on Saturday).  So here is the whole shopping saga:

Last week we bought a new refrigerator.  It cost $1099 but since it had a small dent and a few scratches because it was a floor model, we got it for $699.96 ($759.68 with tax).  This price included free delivery and set up.

That same day I also picked up two 32" TVs for our guest rooms and, since we don't have cable TV, we also bought digital antennas for the TVs.  The total costs for these were $432.38--$199 each on sale--plus $20 for each antenna).  Today we set them up and I think our guests will be happy with them.

Then today we got the kitchen sink faucet we originally went to buy which was $64.00 however the guy said if hubby applied for a Home Depot credit card he would get $50 off the purchase so the faucet actually cost $14!  I asked him if he would give me $50 off a purchase too if I applied for a credit card and he said yes so I applied and bought a $119 garage door opener for $69.  Note that as soon as we get the credit cards we will probably cancel them because we certainly don't need any more credit cards but this was a great deal and saved us $100 on our purchases.

This is the old, cheap faucet (you really do get what you pay for):

And this is the new faucet (love it!):

And then, as we were leaving the store, we saw a sign for 10% additional off all appliances so we ran back to the appliance section and ended up buying a new washer and dryer!  The set will be delivered and set up on Tuesday so no picture yet.  The set was originally $1,299.98 but they were on sale for $1,087.93 then we got another 10% ($100) off for plus free delivery and hook up.  We did need to buy new hoses and vent material so the total cost was $1,060.92 which is less that I had planned on paying for a new washer and dryer.  Overall I am really happy with the prices we got on all of the items we bought.  I told hubby I was done shopping and he said "Thank God" then I told him I wanted new flooring in the whole house but would wait until next year to which he said "Thank God" again.

Daily update
  • Walk: 0 miles (911 miles to go).  It was so incredibly windy today that I didn't want to walk.  When it is windy in Las Vegas it is brown and hazy outside because there is so much sand and dust in the air--it burns your eyes and makes you cough and it's just yuck.
  • No spend: We spent $1,175.18 today.  $74.57 at Home Depot for a garage door opener.  $1060.92 at Home Depot for a washer and dryer.  $34.52 at Home Depot for a kitchen faucet, plumbers tape and acetone.  $5.17 at Burger King for lunch.
  • Update this blog: yep
  • Update client's blog: yep.  My client doesn't care how much I update his blog as long as there are a couple of posts a week.  This month I decided to post six days a week but it didn't do much to increase traffic so next month I will go back to two or three posts a week.
  • Photo: yep
  • Genealogy: about a half hour of research.
  • Writing: a couple of paragraphs

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