Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Shopping...

Ugh...I may have to try for a No Spend February as this isn't going to well for January.  On my walk I thought I would just duck into Ross.  I had seen the bag, above, there last week for $30.99 but thought it was too expensive but when I went today it had been marked down to $20.99 so I grabbed much for our no spend month.

Daily update
  • Walk: 2 miles (911 miles to go!).  
  • No spend: Today we spent $49.25.  $6 at the $1 store (2 pizzas, potato chips, mini marshmallows, junior mints, potato chips, rice crispy cereal); $4.08 at the $1 store (hubby's trip there--2 pizzas, nail polish, junior mints); $10 at the 99 cent store (2 lbs spinach, pepperoni, bagels, 2 pizzas, 5 packs of candy); $29.17 at Ross (a cute bag to carry my walking gear when we travel--see above--and some cute underwear).
  • Update this blog: yes
  • Update client's blog: yes 
  • Photo: yep
  • Genealogy: about an hour of research done.  When I first started doing research a few years ago I used FamilySearch.  I am amazed at how many new records they have added since then (like millions and millions more records so now I can go back through my old records and add even more updates).
  • Writing: one small section, I don't feel inspired to write at all but so many writers point out that you should always write something as that something can be edited where as a blank page can't be.  Wise words I'm sure.


  1. Can't win them all! ;) Hopefully next month you reach your goals!

  2. I'm right there with you. Tracking expenses this month revealed numerous areas we can cut back. Looking forward to the challenge!