Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My First Goal of 2014 Completed

We got our new refrigerator today which means I can finally cross one goal off of my 2014 goal list (in sidebar).  So far, so good with the fridge--hubby has it all organized and decorated and it is now making ice and cooling our food.  Yeah!

Daily update
  • Walk: 6 miles (913 miles to go!).  Unlike much of the country, our weather is a perfect 70 degrees so I went and did a volksmarch this morning.  I still want to do three more volksmarches this month so hopefully the weather holds.  I'm trying to walk 100 miles per month because I know that I may not be walking much in the summer months here so, at least while it is warm and not roasting, I want to walk as much as possible.
  • No spend: We spent $4 for a tip for lunch (lunch was free with hubby's comps).
  • Update this blog: yes
  • Update client's blog: yes 
  • Photo: yep
  • Genealogy: I researched another few people...slowly chipping away at this project.  I did get a letter back from sending the info to correct my grandmother's birth certificate but they sent me a note saying an immediate relative needs to make the change such as a parent (they would be 130+ years old if they were still alive), a sibling (they would be nearing 100 if they were still alive) or a child (my mother already passed away and my aunt is basically homeless so difficult to find) so I'm not sure how this will get corrected.
  • Writing: a little, like a few paragraphs

1 comment:

  1. Great fridge and well-decorated, too - it sounds like it is much needed, with the influx of visitors you'll be having!