Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's Post

I guess my little day off yesterday gave me renewed energy today.  The first thing I did was walk then I did some work for a client then I scrubbed the house.  I was in rare form today!

And a quick recipe:
I just learned this and was surprised how easy it was.  Anyway, it seems like many times when we eat meat in Chinese restaurants it seems very soft and not nearly as chewy as when I stir fry at home.  Then I was watching America's Test Kitchen (love PBS!!) and they simply soaked the meat (beef and pork in their recipe) in water with a teaspoon of baking soda in it.  15 minutes later they drained and washed the meat, then stir fried it.  It was called "velveting" the meat so we tried it and it really works!  The meat comes out just like it does in a Chinese restaurant!

And some cool links:

Daily update
  • Walk: 2 miles (919 miles to go!)
  • No spend: Stayed home and didn't spend any money today.  Yeah!
  • Update this blog: yes
  • Update client's blog: yes (and with a long and interesting post to make up for skipping Saturday)
  • Photo: yep
  • Genealogy: another family sheet worked on (I have 15 generations listed out with tons of gaping holes so I never run out of family sheets to work on)
  • Writing: lots of writing done today on my newest book idea


  1. never heard of that trick with meat, will try it sometime.

    Could you send some of your energy my way!!!

  2. Well I get my energy from the sun...and I dont know how you all are surviving such cold and snowy weather! yikes!