Monday, January 27, 2014

Yesterday's Post

I was sooooo lazy yesterday.  We went to a bowling fundraiser and the hubby played poker (everyone is still trying to get the jackpot with is around $110,000 now) and I decided to read.  All day.  And I didn't feel like doing anything else.  So I didn't.

Daily update (for yesterday)
  • Walk: 0 miles (921 miles to go).  This is the first day I didn't walk this month.  Lazy lazy lazy.  Ugh
  • No spend: Total spent today $39.  Hubby had committed a while back to participate in a bowling fundraiser for the Philippines typhoon victims.  He paid $35 for it (and if he would have bowled better he would have won a side pot for $65 and got his money back and then some!).  We also spent $4 for a tip for lunch at the casino (lunch was free with hubby's comps).
  • Update this blog: yep (a day late)
  • Update client's blog: nope, not on Sunday
  • Photo: yep
  • Genealogy: none
  • Writing: none


  1. sometimes it pays to have a day of doing nothing. It recharges your batteries,