Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 Things for Today

Here's 10 random musings for today:

  1. I did a volksmarch today; 7 miles and I felt like I could keep walking and walking.
  2. It's Chinese New Year--the year of the horse--and I got some great photos of how Las Vegas is celebrating the holiday (see photo above and my other blog in the sidebar).
  3. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl--go Seahawks! 
  4. I'm worried about the drought.  We have had very little rain and our neighbor, California, is doing some pretty extreme water rationing (this could really impact the cost of produce in the future).
  5. My skin is so dry it feels like paper--this cold, dry weather is not good for my skin!
  6. No wheat today.  I believe that wheat has a negative impact on my body but it is so hard to avoid (plus I love bread...and pasta...and donuts...and...).  But I just found this blog and was reinspired to cut wheat out of my diet for a while and see if it makes a difference in my health.
  7. I'm watching Judge Judy.  I love Judge Judy.  I find that personal responsibility and logical thinking is sadly lacking in many aspects of our lives (the news, social media, etc) so her show is quite refreshing.
  8. I applied to work at the WSOP online last night.  It is one of my goals for this year and it was a lot of fun last year (after the steep learning curve) plus a good way to make a clump of extra money.
  9. I can't wait to do our taxes but I am still waiting for one W2 to get here.  I hope it comes soon so I can get our taxes all done and over (and our refund into our account!).
  10. I made an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of our spending and my walking mileage for the month; I will report the totals here at the end of the month.


  1. Wow, is it already time for the WSOP again? I'm sure you'll get hired now that you have experience. What a great way to make some extra money. Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. I love spreadsheets! I am so impressed by your walking distances.

  3. I agree with you on number 7. I wish Judge Judy could whip all those people into shape who have no personal responsibility or respect for others. Also, I love spreadsheets too! I think loving spreadsheets helps you be financially better off. There's the tracking spending, making forward projections of paying off the mortgage and savings, all sorts of things that you tinker with that make saving, and not spending, the fun thing to do.