Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Which the Washer and Dryer Get Returned Before They Are Even Delivered

Last week when I bought a refrigerator it was kind of by accident.  I have "buy new refrigerator" as one of my annual goals and I happened to be at Best Buy and saw a great sale on a scratch and dent refrigerator. The scratches were barely noticeable, the small dent was in the back where it couldn't be seen, the price was excellent, and it was a Whirlpool which is a good brand so I bought it immediately.  I then went home and read the reviews about the refrigerator and it got 4.5 stars out of 5 by more than 30 reviewers so I was happy with my purchases (and FWIW, the reviewers were correct when they said the ice maker was loud and sometimes the ice gets stuck in the chute but we can live with that.  In other words, I take what reviewers say to heart because they are generally right on about the item they are reviewing--barring the few reviews where it sounds like the reviewer was paid to write a great review or the rare reviewer who happens to get stuck with a lemon when generally the product is very good).

Fast forward to last night.  I forgot to check the reviews for the washer and dryer set that we had bought and which was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday so I hopped online and found these reviews and was pretty disappointed.  I mean this is a Maytag which is supposed to be a good brand and there was the lonely Maytag repairman all those years ago! The reason I chose this set was that the price was good and the washer was a top loader (I loathe the new and popular front loaders as you practically need to stand on your head to get the clothes out of them or you can pay $400 extra for empty metal boxes that raise the machines up, neither choice I like).  My grandmother had Maytags, my mother had Maytags, and I had Maytags and they used to last forever.  Plus I've had a number of friends spend a lot of money on expensive front loading machines and then need to make service call after service call because they have problems with them.

What I want in a washing machine is a good, solid, basic machine that washes my clothes and will last for decades (like appliances used to, apparently this isn't often the case these days).  The set we have now was bought used and while they work well, there is too much vibration in the washer--it doesn't hop across the floor but it does shake a lot.  So after much research last night, I cancelled my order for the washer and dryer and got a refund and how have my heart set on this washer and dryer set.  Since this set will cost nearly a thousand dollars more than the set we had purchased, I have decided to wait a couple of months to save up a bit more money before we buy them.


  1. They definitely don't make appliances like they used to! :/ Good plan waiting on the better washer-dryer! Hope they're as good as they sound to be!

  2. We just bought a Whirlpool side by side... with the water dispenser on the outside.... I love mine.... At first it was noisy as I wasn't use to the noise...Actually it would scare the day lights out of the cats and dogs if there were next to it... We have had ours for 2 weeks now...The noisy noises have quieted down because the bin is full now...Ours has only jammed up once because it piled up to high....I just emptied it.... I do have a throw rug in front of my fridge because the crushed ice does splatter around... the rug helps... I love my ice maker.... it is a luxury for me... and I don't even notice the ice dropping or the tray filling with water any more...

    As for a washer and dryer...I have top loader.... I have a GE..... I have had it for 5 years now.... I had a Fridgedaire washer before the GE and the transmission went with in one year.... I had sent in my warrantee papers and they tried to tell me I didn't..... But I had the email that confirmed they had it.... The washer had a year warrantee...So they had to replace the transmission..... the washers transmission again went out again 15 months later and they wouldn't do anything about it.... I refuse to buy any product by Fridgedaire ... Whirlpool also makes Electrolux items...

    I to wish things would last.... I had a Kenmore washer and dryer for 15 years.... Loved them... but they don't make things last anymore... We are putting money away for a new washer and dryer as we know they don't last as long anymore....The Best Buy salesman said fridges last 8 to 10 years now.... After spending as much as we do on appliances they should last a whole lot more...

    Enjoy the Fridge.... I love mine dearly....

    1. Interesting I bought a whirlpool fridge with the freezer compartment above it. Piece of rubbish.. You know I bought it because it was reputed to be good brand and now after nearly four years it's is finally going to be replaced

  3. I have the Maytag Epic Z front-loading ones which have been going strong for 4 years with zero problems, but I don't think they're available any more.

  4. I would not buy a front loader again. The Speed Queen looks like a great machine. It is on my list when I finally can't stand this machine.