Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keeping Our Guests Entertained

We've had friends and family here this past week and will have a short breather before two other families descend next week. (On a side note, I recently asked hubby why we haven't been on a cruise in ages and pointed out that we need to go visit our families this spring and he was kind of non-interested.  He pointed out that we live in a vacation spot so there is more than enough to keep us entertained AND everyone comes here to visit us so we don't need to travel any more.  And I was like :/  ...but I digress...).

The main thing we worry about when we have guests--besides keeping them fed--is keeping them entertained.  Here's what we do:

  • We always point them in the direction of the "main attractions" if they haven't been to Las Vegas before (Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, The Strip, Fremont, a buffet, gambling, shopping, a Vegas show, nightclubs, etc).
  • We tell them about Tix4Tonight kiosks which sell highly discounted tickets for good shows in Las Vegas.  If they want a less expensive show we get them free show tickets from ShowTickets4Locals.
  • We tell them all about the free and cheap entertainment locals love: free bingo, $1 bowling, discount day at the movies, free rodeo shows at SouthPoint, discount shopping at the Goodwill or the swap meet, etc.
  • We also check the calendar of local events each week--there can be everything from community fun runs to Scottish Dancers to dog shows to just about everything else eventually....this is a very active place.
  • If there is a major event in town we tell them about it as well (or more often, that may be the reason that they came) like NASCAR week, the National Finals Rodeo, World Series of Poker, etc.
  • There is also plenty of "normal" activities to do such as water parks, roller skating, pick-up soccer games, etc.
  • We also keep a list of kids activities on hand as well.  We have a really popular hands-on kids museum, some wonderful parks--many with water features kids can play in, a candy factory with free tours, a small petting zoo, outside movies, kids activities at the library, etc.
  • And a list of adult activities: there are a number of shooting ranges here as well as golf courses, we are within driving distance of "Area 51" and some ghost towns, and there is just about everything else people could want to do from racing exotic cars to driving bulldozers for fun.
  • Finally, while hubby always has food made for our guests, we also point them in the direction of good restaurants, generally of the Asian variety (great Filipino food, dim sum, etc).
It's really easy to keep our guests entertained in Las Vegas--often for free or cheap.  In fact, the problem is usually there there are too many things to cram into people's tight schedules when they come to visit!


  1. We were there back in 2005 for two days and crammed a lot in. Megan was only 10 so we mostly just visited the various hotels and their indoor malls. Our faves were Caesar's palace and the Luxor, but we want to go back and see more someday. We have good memories from that trip.

  2. I must remember this post, as I would like to visit Vegas one day.

  3. I hope you ladies can come to Vegas! It would be wonderful to meet you in person!