Saturday, March 1, 2014

5 Things to Start Off March

In no particular order:

  1. It rained yesterday which was wonderful!  It was the first time we had rain in 85 days!!
  2. I did a lousy job of walking in February.  Between being sick and being lazy and it being windy and raining on one day I only walked 46 miles :(  Total miles needed to walk to reach my goal of walking 1000 miles this year: 863.
  3. I am also spending money as fast as I am making it.  Yesterday my friend showed me his new Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone/phablet and I loved it.  It is bigger than my cell phone but a bit smaller than my tablet and I figure I can carry one device (the Note) instead of three (my cell phone, tablet, and point and shoot camera).  So I hopped online and found that my cell carrier was offering the Note 2 for $466 so I ordered it.  I will see if I like it and if so I will sell my old cell phone, tablet, and camera and use that money to help recoup the cost of the new phone.
  4. Speaking of recouping money, after we bought our new refrigerator, I was hoping to sell our old refrigerator for a reasonable amount to help recoup the money of our new fridge.  Unfortunately I didn't do my homework and after checking the going price for similar refrigerators on Craigslist, I was disappointed to see that there were so many fridges for sale and the prices were really low.  We did sell our older but still in great condition fridge for $100 which was a lot less than I expected but at least we got it out of the garage.
  5. On a happier note, my tiny garden is growing like crazy!  I've never seen plants grow so quickly and so early in the year (then again we have never had a garden in the desert before).


  1. The little bit of rain you had will definitely help the garden too - photos please :)

  2. 46 miles is still good! My sister has one of the Samsung "phablets" and loves it. Would be interested to hear more about the garden!

  3. LOL my garden consists of four big flower pots with little tiny green shoots in each. I'll post some photos as soon as the shoots look like, well, the vegetables they are supposed to be!