Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Daily Adventure for March

Hubby was complaining that I never take him anywhere.  He was also complaining that he only gets to see the Strip about once a month if he is lucky.  As locals, we mostly avoid the Las Vegas Strip and the hoards of tourists as much as possible unless we have guests that want to go there or unless I am doing a Strip volksmarch (which he doesn't find to be a relaxing tour of the Strip as I am walking as fast as possible while trying to avoid plowing through the tourist masses which means if I do walk the Strip, it is usually at 7am before there are many people out).

So I told him that my goal is to do something entertaining for us each day during the month of March.  Our first adventure was to hit up the Southpoint Casino for their $3.95 steak and eggs breakfast just slightly after midnight on March 1st.  Today, March 2nd, we went to check out the new Linq shopping area on the Las Vegas Strip.  It is a really nice development without many tourists because it is so new.  The centerpiece of the development is the Linq which is kind of like the London Eye.  Although it won't open until April, the shopping area at it's base is coming together really well.  Here's some photos...

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  1. The Linq looks cool! I am admiring your dry, snow-and-ice-free streets.