Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 Awesome Things About Today

It's been a great day!

  1. We went to the new Goodwill this morning which is much closer to our house than the one we usually go to.  It was brand new and clean and we loved it!
  2. Also at the Goodwill, I found a half dozen high-end items for around $2 per piece (a Nike jacket, Anne Klein pants, etc).
  3. I got both a call and an email today from the WSOP telling me they want me to work as a cashier for them again this year.  They said to come in Monday and I will be able to pick the shifts I want and which areas I want to work in!  Yippee!!!
  4. Our state finally got Blue Bell ice cream!  This is a wonderfully good ice cream which is limited mostly to Texas but this week it landed in our stores and it is great!
  5. I was doing my daily walk today and a very nice lady stopped and chatted with me.  She was 85 years old (and didn't look a day over 60) and said when she was my age she could walk as fast as I was walking.  
  6. It's Girl Scout cookie time and they have set up their sales tables all over town (although so far I have held off buying any...I may break down soon because I absolutely love Thin Mints).
  7. Hubby bowled really well today--he had a 226-226-246 series.  Yeah hubby!
  8. Speaking of bowling, I baked a cake for hubby's bowling league today and ended up showered with goodies.  One lady brought popcorn, another brought big, fresh strawberries, and another brought chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  Needless to say it was a well-fed bowling league today.
  9. It was a beautiful sunny day today--75 degrees and perfect!
  10. Overall the day just had a very positive "feel" to it which doesn't happen very often.  Nice!


  1. Big congrats on getting the WSOP job!! That's great! And we discovered how wonderful Blue Bell ice cream is when we moved to Alabama. It's the best ice cream I've ever had! We always buy the great divide container too! So glad to know there's nice weather somewhere. It's definitely not here. Lots of rain and chilly.

    1. Well the weather is great...for now. In a couple more months it will be so hot we won't want to go outside! Hope it warms up in your area soon!

  2. Oh, 75 degrees - bliss! Also happy to hear about your WSOP job! And those are excellent bowling scores. Do you know how fast you walk? I am a fast walker, too.