Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Quick Update in 10 Points

It's been busy around here, mostly with me doing a lot of work for one of my clients and now I am running out the door again but wanted to post something because I haven't posted anything since Saturday.

  1. For a bright, shining moment I was kind of offered a job which borders on six figures.  I still do some government contracting work for a client I used to do work for back when I lived in Washington.  Turns out an in-house job came available and I had four people send me the job description and tell me to apply because it is the same work I am doing now and have been doing for years.  I called the lady who was hiring for the job (turns out we used to work together some years ago) and asked if I would be able to do the job remotely then fly in for meetings every month or so but she said they really need a person nearby since there are meetings to go to every week.  Bummer.  But there is no way we are moving back to that kind of weather.
  2. I saw this recipe for biscuits and am going to give it a try.  One of my favorite things in Georgia was homemade southern biscuits.  Yummy!
  3. I came across this website and there are a few items that I would actually qualify for so I will fill the forms out for these items as soon as I get a spare moment.
  4. I also heard that as you get older your brain stops functioning so well and a way to keep your brain sharp is to "train" it.  Which you can do here.  I need to give this a try!
  5. Still no word on the travel front.  I haven't bought tickets yet but I better get moving.  I may end up just going for the day and leaving hubby at home.
  6. It was half off day at the Goodwill today so we bought a bunch of clothes and things to send to the Philippines (we send boxes of clothes, food, and household goods to hubby's son and his family in the Philippines every couple of months).  Both the shopping at the Goodwill and the saving 50% part because hubby is a senior saves us A LOT of money.
  7. One of my clients called and asked if I could do a quick needs survey for all of her agencies.  I quickly said yes then set about figuring out how to do it.  I found a free survey site called Survey Monkey which seems to work really well (now I'm just waiting for the results to see the final product).
  8. It is SO windy today I couldn't even walk today.  I have been walking four miles a day for the past week to make up for all of the days I missed walking when we had guests but when the wind is blowing so much dust around it is difficult to even breathe outside.
  9. I just realized we haven't been to Walmart (or most any other store for that matter) in ages.  Basically all of our shopping needs can be met at the Dollar Tree, 99 Cent store, and our local grocery store.  
  10. Everything is blooming (even my allergies but I digress...).  We have a bunch of apricots on our apricot tree, the chard is looking good, the green onions are getting taller and even the tomatoes are making a bit of headway after I replanted them to bigger containers.


  1. It must be awesome knowing you're worth six figures. Wow!
    I don't like being outside when it's really windy. It hurts my ears and dries out my eyeballs. O_O

  2. For your Philippines boxes - check out youtube and search for penny hauling at Dollar General. A lot of junk, but I'll bet you'd see some things that would be useful to them.