Saturday, March 29, 2014

My 10 Favorite (Free) Apps

I love Android products (cell phones, tablets, etc) and I especially love that I can find so many free apps in the Google Play store for them.  Here's my ten favorite apps that I tend to use all the time:

  1. Runtastic.  I just started using the free version of this app and so far it works really well.  It is a pedometer that tracks my steps when I am walking every morning and so far it seems pretty accurate (but I can't figure out how it works--I don't even have my cell's GPS on and I didn't have to calibrate it but somehow it knows...)
  2. Kingsoft Office.  This office suite works seamlessly with Microsoft Office so if I want to create a document on the go I can simply create it on my cell in Kingsoft then email it to myself and open it in MS Office.
  3. Scanner Radio.  If I am bored I would rather listen to 911 calls than music.  Weird huh?  This is an interesting app that lets you listen in on police and fire dispatch channels all around the country.
  4. Bravo Poker.  This is the best poker app out there.  Even though I don't play, I use this app to let hubby know where the best games are at (quite helpful since we live in Las Vegas and there are dozens and dozens of poker rooms here).
  5. Reddit is Fun.  I love reddit and even though I'm on that site way too much as it is, I like having it at my fingertips on my cell.
  6. TV Guide.  I use this app all the time.  We are usually home in the evenings and almost always have the TV on in the background.  This is a quick way to see what's on TV--even faster than looking it up online.
  7. Kindle.  While I like watching TV in the evenings, I love reading anytime.  I can download as many free ebooks from my local library as I want and they all wait right here on my cell on this Kindle app for me to read them.
  8. Skype.  Since my cell's pre-paid plan only comes with 100 talk minutes a month, I use Skype on my cell phone all the time.  With Skype's $2.95 unlimited calling plan, I can call in to multi-hour meetings without worrying about using up my calling minutes.  The clarity of the calls is also amazing!
  9. Banking apps.  We have more than a half dozen bank accounts spread over three banks, two of which are out of state so the apps for our banks are really useful.  Just snap a picture of a check and it is instantly deposited!
  10. A Swype-like keyboard app.  Swype comes pre-installed on my cell but it is a paid app for those who don't have it.  I really can't live without it as it makes messaging and emailing and basically doing any sort of typing at all on my cell bearable.  A similar keyboard app which is free and very popular is SwiftKey.
What are your favorite free/cheap apps?

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