Thursday, April 3, 2014

What A Week...An Update

Seems like all I have been doing on this blog lately is posting quick updates a couple times a week but it has been hectic around here so, here is yet again another update...

  1. My little garden is growing!  See photo above ^
  2. We thought we would take a nice day trip to Laughlin.  Driving ourselves would cost around $50 in gas since it is 200 miles round trip so I found this tour place online and booked our trip.  We figured that for $32 for both of us, offset by the $20 meal voucher it would be a nice, cheap day trip.  Then after I booked the trip I read these reviews and was a bit disheartened.  We then got ourselves up early and took ourselves to the appointed place to meet the bus one showed up.  I called when the bus was a half hour late and the lady said they had cancelled the trip.  Of course they didn't contact me and tell me this.  I told her I wanted my money back and now I am waiting....and waiting.  Oddly enough, the next day I found another website that offers the same tour through the same company for $5 per person and includes meal vouchers as well.  I'm deciding now if, once my money is refunded, we try this same company but at a much better price.  
  3. I am doing A LOT of work for my friend this month which makes me very happy.  I also can't wait until WSOP starts.  I am eager to make MONEY!
  4. Hubby's cousin called today in a panic because her hot water tank died.  There was water everywhere (not a good thing when she is in a second floor condo) so we helped her clean up then took her to the home store to get a new hot water tank and found someone to hook it up for her.  We then ran home, checked out some "how to get the sediment out of your hot water tank and extend its life" videos on YouTube and drained the sediment out of our hot water tank in hopes of extending its life and not having a hot water tank crisis like she did.  eeekkkk
  5. Yesterday at the Goodwill (half off senior day of course) hubby found a great deal on a Magic Sing.  It's a requirement in Filipino families that you have a high tech karaoke system so we, of course have one (and spent over $500 for it some years ago!).  The karaoke system he found was priced at $25 so we grabbed it (obviously no one there knew what it was or the price would have been much higher).  We brought it home, tested it, found that it works great, and then packed it up to send to his son who lives in the Philippines (they will be overjoyed at receiving such a nice system).
  6.  Our Washington trip has been set.  We (more like I) decided that hubby is going with me AND I will be able to knock off two on my annual goals (see sidebar) along the way.  We will fly from Vegas to San Francisco, spend the day there, then fly to Seattle where we will stay for a few days (and hopefully get to the San Juan Islands this time).  We will then take the train or bus to Portland and attend my family reunion before heading back to Vegas.  Then I promised hubby no more trips until the fall when we go to Asia or Europe (hopefully both depending on how much I make this summer).
  7. Here's some great links to check out: here, here, and here.
  8. Since I have been doing so much work for my friend, she is going to get me a complete MS Office Pro suite of software (I am using the starter Word and Excel programs that came with my computer which aren't so great) at Tech Soup.  This is a great place to get super low low prices on software if you are with a non profit.  Yippee!
  9. I read this post on Barb's blog and know exactly how she is feeling.  My blog too has kind of become more about me me me and less about being a money blog.  It was great to track how our money habits have changed for the better over the years but these days our money habits are so ingrained that I often don't feel like I have much more to write about.
  10. I walked only 39 miles in March which leaves me to walk 824 more miles this year to reach my goal. 

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