Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 Things: A Weekend Update

Here's what's happening this weekend...

  1. I so don't have a green thumb.  Above are photos of my "garden".  The green onions are growing but crowded, the chard was eaten down to the stalks by something, and the tomatoes are going along (but hubby said why not just spend $1 at the $1 store for a dozen tomatoes--it's faster and less work).  He has a point.
  2. I was supposed to do a volksmarch today but it was really windy and walking in blowing dust is just miserable.  I counted it up and so far I have only done 10 volksmarches this year but my goal is to walk 100 of them so I better get busy!
  3. I'm still making about $30 a month in royalties from my book.  I NEED to get this book updated plus I have about nine others on the drawing board.  If I get all of these written and published it could fund our travel dreams!
  4. Speaking of travel, I was penciling out our fall vacation plans.  I would love to fly from Las Vegas to Japan to Manila, stay in the Philippines for a couple of weeks, then fly from Manila to London and spend a week or two in the UK with a side trip to Paris; fly from London to New York and visit family/get some dental work done; head from New York to Washington DC where I would do the Freedom Walk Festival then hop down to Miami and catch a Panama Canal cruise to LA where we would then take the Megabus back to Las Vegas.  Now to win the lottery...
  5. Hubby had me hem a couple of pairs of pants for him yesterday.  Usually he just uses hemming tape but it didn't seem to hold so I threaded a needle and got busy and they look pretty well done if I do say so myself.  And I've found that I enjoy hand sewing.  I think I will hand sew some little project like one of the tutorials over at Carla's blog.
  6. The cousins called and asked if we want to go to a show with them this evening and of course we said yes.  They have subscriptions to House Seats and go to shows nearly every other day.  While I thought this would be a two hour Vegas-type stage show it is actually an all evening disco dance party.  Now to dust off my old disco clothing (and stuff myself into them...eekkkk). 
  7. I mailed a small gift to a friend in Japan yesterday and the mailing price was astronomical!  I deliberately pick light-weight things (this was a scarf) and the cost was still $9!  I went home and looked up the price online at USPS and it looks like it should have only been $5.  Next time I will look up the price and print it off before I go to the post office so I will be able to argue the cost they try to charge me.
  8. I keep stumbling across articles about class action rebates and while I have never applied for one, I recently saw a rebate for DRAM products which I am sure we had bought in the past (average rebate is $100!).  I am definitely going to take the time tomorrow to apply for this and other rebates we qualify for!
  9. Hubby's sister told us to go out to dinner on her for my birthday.  While I usually choose to go to Fogo de Chau for these special, expensive meals that are gifted to us, I was disappointed that the lunch price went from $25 to $32.  So I hopped online to look for other options and came across this great list of locals discounts and we decided we would print out the coupon and hit up the Planet Hollywood buffet (yum crab!) for my birthday dinner.
  10. Finally, it is raining this afternoon.  I love the rain in Las Vegas (just not all the time like it rains in Seattle).
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Online shipping prices at USPS are lower than at the counter prices, but that's a big difference, so maybe the clerk made an error.

  2. Thanks! I didnt know that so I will definitely use the online service next time.