Monday, April 28, 2014

A Quick Update on My Annual Goals

I posted my goals for 2014 over on the sidebar at the beginning of the year.  I figured I would take a look at them and see if I am on track or not with them (note the red goals have been completed):

  1. Go to Europe (I'm hoping we will do this in the fall but no solid plans yet)
  2. Work WSOP (I'm all signed up and ready to work in about a month!)
  3. Walk a marathon (I am tentatively planning to do this in Washington DC in October)
  4. Do Centurion Challenge (this challenge is to walk 100 volksmarches; I just counted and have only done 10.  Not sure if I will complete this or not)
  5. Go to San Francisco 4/15 (we did this as a side trip on our way to Seattle and although we only spent five hours in San Francisco, we had a great time)
  6. Go to New Orleans (no solid plans for this but I hope to squeeze it in sometime)
  7. Get new washer and dryer (we bought a new washer and dryer then promptly returned them after reading so many bad reviews; hopefully we will find a set we like by the end of the year)
  8. Get new refrigerator 1/28 (I just happened to be shopping and came across a nice, new, cheap side by side and we love it)
  9. Hike Grand Canyon (there is no solid plan for this but physically I would have no problem doing it, however hubby wants me to go with someone and not do this 25 mile hike alone in one day...any takers?)
  10. Visit Hubby's family (again, no solid plan but we can catch up with them when we go to the East Coast in the fall)
  11. Visit my family 4/19 (I organize an annual family reunion lunch for my family and got to catch up with everyone a couple of weeks ago)
  12. Go to Asia (again no solid plans but hopefully we will get there in the fall)
  13. Walk 1000 miles (I'm making good progress on this goal but probably won't walk much in the super hot summer here so will have to pile on the miles after August)

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  1. You are being mindful and realistic about your goals, and you're on track to succeed in lots of them!