Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Need to Stop Shopping!

We are getting ready for our trip and I have been doing way too much shopping!  Among our purchases:

  • Hubby pulled out his (very old) netbook that he uses for traveling and it was SO SLOW that I decided he needed a new travel computer.  A tablet would be kind of hard for him to manage because he plays a lot of poker online so he ended up with a small ChromeBook which he loves (and was very cheap at under $200).  The Chrome Book was SO SIMPLE that he loves it.  He doesn't really do anything on computers besides watch Netflix and play poker so a computer with only a couple of buttons to click on works great for him.
  • I did get a $500+ refund when I returned the new computer I bought hubby last week.  I thought a big 17" laptop would be great for him as he tends to watch Netflix and play poker at the same time so more screen space seemed like it would be a good idea.  However,the computer came with Windows 8 which he absolutely hated and told me to return it.  So now he will just keep his 15" laptop until a better operating system comes out.
  • I got (yet another) new tablet.  I had a 7" tablet a few months ago but since it was just barely bigger than my cell phone it wasn't all that useful so I sold it on Craigslist (at a $30 loss from what I originally purchased it for).  But for traveling I decided I would rather carry a tablet that my 14" laptop.  So I did a ton of research (as usual) and found that while a nice Galaxy Tab Pro 12" or a Surface Pro would be wonderful, it would also be very expensive (at $600+).  So for $279 I got a 10" Asus Memo tablet which had many hundreds of very positive reviews.  I need to buy a blue tooth keyboard and mouse for it (via Amazon which is much cheaper than in stores) and I will be all set for traveling with a very lightweight but still very functional computer/tablet.
  • I need some black shoes for my WSOP work.  Last year I spent about $10 on a cheap pair from Payless which actually worked fine (they were comfortable but since they were plastic-ish tennis shoes the smelled pretty badly after eight hours of work).  So now I am looking at getting some more expensive New Balance shoes (like this) made specifically for walking which I will be able to use both for work and for my distance walking.  *Speaking of which I have walked six miles a day for the past four days and hope to keep it up until we go on vacation*
Bottom line: after our trip I am definitely going on a spending fast until about July.  The month of May should be pretty quiet around here and I figure that while I am working during the month of June I will be too busy to go shopping.  I need to start saving money instead of spending it!


  1. Most of your spending shouldn't count because of the returns! And the shoes were a must.