Saturday, May 3, 2014

5 Free Things This Weekend

Because I don't really have anything earth-shattering to post of the frugal front this weekend, here are five free things I am doing this weekend...

  1. Hubby trimmed my hair yesterday and he is getting quite good at it.  This saves me three or four trips to the salon each year since getting a trim can extend the length of time between professional hair cuts by about a month or so each time (actually he is getting so good that I may eventually not even need to go to the salon anymore!).
  2. Walking!  I walked six miles a day for nine days before we went on vacation and since we got home I have resumed walking six miles a day and I am feeling great (unfortunately the little weight I seem to have lost so far has come from my boobs...where I can least afford to lose weight :l  ).
  3. Not shopping!  Since we have got back from vacation I haven't been to Ross or TJ Maxx or done much shopping at all (we did go to Walmart for some necessities and the 99 Cent store for food but that's it).  Needless to say, not shopping saves us a bunch of money.
  4. Making money.  The next thing I will do after this blog post is get me some class action settlement refunds.  I was looking through this list and there are a number of items that we would qualify for.  I posted this link last week then promptly forgot about it so now I will spend a few minutes signing up for things that we had bought in the past that qualify for a refund.
  5. Tomorrow will be landscaping day.  Actually our yard has very little to landscape compared to the huge yard that came with our last house but thanks to the (not so friendly) reminder by the HOA (I will never live in a neighborhood with an HOA again) our yard is looking a bit shaggy so we need to trim the few bushes in the front yard and chop off some palm tree fronds that are drooping.  So not only will we be getting some exercise but this is a simple enough job that we can do it and not have to hire a gardener.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I hate HOAs too. Hubby really liked a home in an Association and I vetoed it, we love the home we chose and can do whatever we want (except what the town won't allow). I hate hate hate people telling me what to do.