Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of May Update

This blog may be kind of quiet for a while while I work for the next month but here is a quick catch up:

  • I worked opening day of the WSOP and even sold the very first ticket to the very first event.  The day went SO WELL, none of the craziness from last year because I knew what I was doing and my money balanced so it didn't take me three hours to check out and the people were all super was wonderful.
  • Hubby can not go shopping without me.  After hubby dropped me off for my first day of work, he headed over to the Goodwill Outlet.  I jokingly texted him and told him not to buy more than 100 pounds of stuff (you pay by the pound at this store).  Well, when I got home he showed me the 50 pounds of stuff he bought (!!) claiming that at 50 pounds the price drops from $1 a pound to 69 cents a pound so he technically got a bunch of stuff for free.  Technically our garage is overflowing so he will be packing up all of his "finds" (clothing, sheets, blankets, cookware, etc) and shipping it off to his son and family in the Philippines.  He said he was at the outlet for three hours picking stuff out.  Yikes.
  • Our one tree of apricots are all gone.  Between me and the birds there isn't a single apricot left on the tree.
  • I have five tiny green tomatoes so far and I can't wait until they get ripe.  The chard is actually growing now and the green onions are just about ready.
  • I know our low six-month rate on our cable internet is going to expire soon so I called the company and it won't expire until next month.  I call each time the rate is going to expire and grovel for a low rate just to keep our cable bill down.
  • I came across this article and it is so true.  No matter when you plan to retire, one of the best ways to prepare is to not buy so much stuff...and save your money.
  • It's getting hot in Vegas.  It was 105 a couple of days ago but I think I have finally acclimated to the heat because even at 90 I wear a light jacket when I go out!  On the other hand, it is so cold where I work that I wear two layers just to keep warm so, at least for the month of June, I barely notice it is summer here.
  • We will have a house full of friends and family starting in a couple of weeks (some are coming for the WSOP, others for vacation).  
  • Another nice thing about working is that I don't have the time/opportunity to spend money.  When I am not working, we try to stay home a couple of days a week just to save money because when we leave the house, it is a pretty good bet that we will spend money on something (Goodwill, eating out, food shopping, etc).  By spending all day at work, I am too tied to shop after work so it saves money (as long as I can keep hubby out of the Goodwill).
  • Finally, I walked 42 miles during the month of May which means I need to walk another 701 miles to reach my goal of walking 1000 miles this year (and us being in Las Vegas means it will be too hot to walk all summer so I will need to cram all of these miles in between September and December!).


  1. 50 pounds, wow! Glad you're enjoying your return to WSOP. Being cold in the summer due to aggressive air conditioning is one of my pet peeves!

  2. Glad the first day of the WSOP went smoothly for you! It's getting warm here in Alabama too, but of course the high humidity comes with it. I too wear a hoodie once in a while and my husband looks at me and says, "Your kidding!" We took two air conditioners out of the windows and now we only run one in the front of the house, one in the back of the house and a fan in the center of the house. So far it's been fine. We're just hoping it keeps enough moisture out of the air to prevent mildew.