Friday, June 6, 2014

I Survived My First Week of Work!

Well, I survived my first week of work but it was pretty exhausting.  I'm not sure if it was so tiring because I wasn't used to standing on my feet eight hours a day or if it was more mentally exhausting due to all of the counting money in/counting money out non stop for eight hours a day thing.  Overall, it was a fun week with lots of nice people and the days went by super fast because there were so many customers to take care of there was no time to be bored and watch the clock tick by.  And a few more things:

  • I don't know where these young guys get backpacks full of money.  Like literally tens of thousands of dollars in cash that they carry around in their old backpacks that they use to pay for the poker games and events.  Asking for $10,000 doesn't even make them bat an eye!
  • I took a counterfeit $100 a couple of days ago :(  I took one last year that was such a bad fake a blind person would have recognized it but this fake was pretty good.  I hope this doesn't come out of my bonus!
  • I talked to a couple of poker dealers who live on the road and just go from WSOP tournament to WSOP tournament dealing poker.  They live in RVs or in hotels and seem to enjoy the travel and the game of poker (and the money--they can earn over $10,000 a month doing this!).
  • I don't have time for much else.  I come home exhausted and go to sleep super early so there isn't much time for anything--blogging, laundry, housework.  I was very happy to spend my first day off just cleaning the house and doing laundry!
  • The freebies associated with this job are great!  A free buffet we can eat at any time--breakfast, lunch and dinner, even a midnight snack as it is 24 hours.  A free, paid, one hour lunch break.  A free shirt for one of the major poker events that we get to keep.  All the free beverages we want.  Nice!
  • One girl won $871,000 in one of the poker tournaments then just went over and sat down in another poker tournament like it was no big deal (I looked her up online and she has won over $10 million dollars playing poker).  If I won that much money I would be doing the happy dance...for like a week!
Well, back to the grind.  Sorry I am not commenting on everyone's blogs this past week but I do read them while I am eating breakfast and getting ready for my day.


  1. Backpacks full of money. Wow, what a visual! Glad to hear the first week went well. Standing for 8 hours is brutal if you're not used to it. Nice that they give you some freebies. Good luck with week 2.

  2. I hope Week 2 is going well - sounds busy and fun!