Thursday, September 6, 2018

Five Random Things

In no particular order...

  1. The laptop drama is over.  I checked my bank account this morning and the money as back in it where it belongs.  After reading the horror stores from others trying to get refunds I was really worried it wouldn't end this well.  Whew!
  2. Our government is a hot mess:  there was the infamous Op-Ed yesterday, the confidential Kavanaugh emails were released this morning, the SHS Tweet this afternoon...the entire Executive Branch should be impeached/indicted along with most of the lazy-assed congress people and we should just start over.  What a shitshow.
  3. This article about Dawn Wells was kind of sad, kind of scary.  It's sad that so many seniors end up in this sort of predicament when they are old and least likely to be able to deal with such situations.  Our country should do better for the elderly.
  4. Also RIP Burt Reynolds.
  5. Finally, for those in the path of Hurricane Florence, now is the time to prepare (not next week when store shelves will be bare and people will be fighting over the last loaf of bread!).

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