Wednesday, September 5, 2018

More Laptop Drama

So I returned the laptop a few days ago and the refund still didn't post to my bank account.  I wasn't sooo worried as sometimes it can take a bit for this to happen but I got more worried after I #1, saw that the refund amount on the return receipt wasn't the amount of the laptop I returned, it was $10 short, #2, I saw on the refund receipt that it said "refund, no original receipt provided" but I did provide the original receipt and it is stapled together to the return receipt so at least I have it, #3, they took the laptop back and if I don't get this refund I will be out $860!, and #4, after Googling I found many many people commenting that they had problems getting refunds from this company or flat out didn't get refunds even after returning an item and getting a receipt that said they are getting a refund. :(

I called my bank in a panic and they said as long as I had "evidence" such as my receipt and return receipt I could file a dispute in a week or so if the refund doesn't come in.  I am just shocked that this well known, national office supply company could be so shady!  I've been shopping there for years!  How can they do this to people????  Ayayay


  1. I am going to buy a laptop from Office Max. Is that where you went?

    1. Yep. Ours are Office Max/Office Depot stores. Not sure if the problem was just this particular store or not but Googling brought up some pretty shocking claims about the place.