Monday, November 12, 2018

10 Things from Today

In no particular order...

  1. We enjoyed another free buffet today for Veterans Day (I guess because Veterans Day fell on a Sunday we got to celebrate twice, once for the actual day--Sunday--and once for the day it is observed--Monday).  That's enough buffets for the month!
  2. We finally had to turn the heat on.  It is now getting down to the 40s here at night so we turn the heat on in the morning then off again when we leave the house.  I was hoping to stretch the small electric bill for two months but no luck.
  3. My nephew wrote a song for a TV contest in the Philippines and he won 1 million pesos!  That's about $19,000 US dollars.  We are all so proud of him!
  4. My new computer is excellent!  It's blazing fast with a super clear screen and it's super easy to type on.
  5. The California wildfires are just horrendous!  I can't even imagine how scary it would be to flee from your home and come back to nothing but ashes :(
  6. RIP Stan Lee, the guru of comic books, who passed away today.
  7. Now is a great time to pick up food staples.  We did a little grocery shopping yesterday (cash only!) and saw that a lot of staple groceries like flour, sugar, turkeys, etc had great sale prices, a couple weeks ahead of the holiday.
  8. Speaking of cheap groceries, just a reminder that now is an excellent time to buy some of these items and donate them to your local food bank to help those who are less fortunate have a happier holiday.
  9. It feels like we are being hammered with Black Friday (and pre-Black Friday, and Cyber Monday) sale advertisements daily!  Yes there are some good prices but we already have TVs that work, my cell phone will hopefully last another few (several?) years, I just got a laptop that I hope will last for five years, and we don't do tech toys.  I feel like this is some sort of psychological manipulation!  eekkkk
  10. This article about buying a new car (don't do it according to an expert) is going viral today.  We bought a new car for the security of buying something new and keeping it until it dies (we have got 20 years out of a few of our cars) but I really would like to switch to Uber only (not sure if that would be financially feasible or not).


  1. The air quality is terrible here. I can't imagine how bad it is any closer to the actual fires. So devastating to think about the people who weren't able to evacuate in time.

    Congrats to your nephew - how exciting!!

    Our heater was out over the weekend, and it got down to 54, but it's now fixed. 54 inside the house is too cold for me! I like 65 or so most of the time,and suffered through 60. 54 was miserable. I did work out a couple of times to boost my body heat, so not all was lost! :-)

    1. Yeah I tend to suffer when it is too cold too. I need an ambient temperature of 75 to be comfy!