Tuesday, November 13, 2018

20 $10 Disaster Preps

Watching the California wildfires disaster unfold on TV makes me think that everyone can be a little more prepared for a disaster, even if they don't have a whole lot of money to throw at preparedness.  For just $10 a week, you can stock up on items that will be really useful during a disaster.  $10 will buy...

  1. Four cases of bottled water at our local grocery store.
  2. 10 cans of soup (that's ten meals!).
  3. A smoke detector (it will literally save your life during a fire).
  4. 10 N95 face masks (particularly valuable during wildfires and dust storms).
  5. Matches and candles at the dollar store.
  6. A flashlight and batteries.
  7. A cheap AM/FM radio to keep you informed when the power goes out.
  8. A tarp and rope at the dollar store.
  9. A big container or two of sanitizing hand wipes.
  10. A basic first aid kit.
  11. Warm clothing on discount day at the Goodwill.
  12. Spare batteries for electronic devices.
  13. An AC/DC/USB outlet for your vehicle (to charge your phone/laptop during a power outage).
  14. Ziploc bags in assorted sizes.
  15. Garbage bags in assorted sizes.
  16. Several gallons of bleach (for cleaning and purifying water).
  17. Food from the dollar store (oatmeal, snacks, beef jerky, etc).
  18. Emergency stuff like a compass, a whistle, etc.
  19. A back up charger for your cell phone (under $10 at Ross).
  20. A roll of quarters (for vending machines, a phone call if you can find a pay phone, for emergency cash needs, etc).

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