Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Spending During Our No Spend Challenge

Our intention was to spend as little as possible until December and we were pretty much on a roll until yesterday.  Hubby and I iron our clothes every single day (really!) so we have burned through quite a few irons over the decades.  A couple years ago I splurged on a Rowenta iron because I had been told by my sewing friends that those are the absolute best irons to have.  I found the iron on sale for half off (about $40) which was pretty expensive considering we usually buy cheap irons at Walmart or lightly used irons at the thrift store.

It worked great until yesterday when it did the sputter of death (shooting water out everywhere and going hot-cold-hot-cold).  So I checked the warranty (I thought if it was a great iron it would have a great warranty but it was only a one-year warranty which had passed).  Oh well, one kind of expensive iron went in the garbage.

So today we were at the Goodwill (which I had hoped to avoid for a month) and we once again found a nice, lightly used, heavy iron...for a grand total of $4!  I figure this buy was a necessity (we don't leave the house looking wrinkly) and fortunately there are options besides paying full price (yeah thrift stores!).  Now back onto the no-spend wagon...

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