Thursday, January 24, 2019

Amazing Opportunities

It seems like the more you look for interesting opportunities, the more you find.  I told you about the Amtrak social media residency program a couple days ago (I applied for this yesterday, if by some miracle I win, I will definitely have a lot to blog about!) and then today I saw an article about a program that will pay for people's entire degree program if they want to be a teacher in Nevada.  Wow what a deal!

Among other amazing opportunities is the Thiel Fellowship, a bunch of grants for women business owners, and there is even the Awesome Foundation (no kidding) which will grant people money to bring awesomeness to the world!

Here is an amazing program which will pay people to be lighthouse keepers, there are several programs for free land if you feel like moving, and there are many programs that help you travel abroad for free (these usually include volunteering in some capacity).

There is the usual long list of class action rebates, the huge list of birthday freebies, and I occasionally peruse the freebies subreddit to see if there are any interesting deals.

Anyway, I will continue to seek out these sorts of amazing opportunities and share them with you as I find them!

Edit:  The day after I wrote this post I came across yet another great opportunity--Air BnB will pay for a few lucky people to live in Italy for three months!  More info here.

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  1. I love the idea of the travel and volunteering. As I think ahead a decade, I don't want to be like I see some retires, who fill their days with social activities, though the majority I know are very busy with a mix of social, volunteer, and pursuing hobbies. This would combine my want to travel and want to still contribute to the world. We will not be rich in retirement (may be poor if our accounts don't rebound!) but this could help bridge our wants and bank account. Great post!