Monday, December 30, 2019

10 Random Things

In no particular order...

  1. This lemon on my tree looks like a Siamese twin!
  2. The annual homeless count is taking place in January so if you are interested in volunteering to help out, there is probably an organization in your community that would love your help.  I've done this before and it is both interesting and eye-opening!
  3. I was at the bank today (one of the rare occasions when I had to actually go into the bank and talk to a teller) and there was one teller for a line of 15+ people.  I asked the manager if she thought ONE teller was adequate staffing and she said everyone else was on their breaks.  You get better service at McDonalds these days than at a bank!  Ugh.
  4. I made an apple pie yesterday using my grandmother's recipe.  Her pies were always amazingly good but I was so disappointed that the crust tasted awful then I looked up online why this was and apparently when they took out the trans fats they also removed the taste and texture as well!  eeekkk
  5. There's only one day left of this year--and decade!  Hopefully 2020 will brings lots of success and prosperity to all of us!
  6. Does it seem like the news is getting worse or are we just receiving more news through all of our apps/social media/TV etc?  Years ago it seemed like there would be one awful news story and it would be talked about for days or even weeks.  Now within 24 hours there was a church shooting, a Hanukkah stabbing, a plane crash, the usual presidential drama, a kid that went missing on his way to school, and more.  Double eeekkk.
  7. Are you doing anything special on New Year's Eve?  Even though we live in one of the New Year's Eve hot spots, we will probably be staying home.  Not only will it be freezing outside, but our one and only experience of going to the Las Vegas Strip for New Year's Eve when we first moved here was fairly traumatic (hubby had to haul me over a fence so we wouldn't get trampled by the huge crown).  The sofa it will be tomorrow night!
  8. It's interesting reading everyone's 2020 new year resolutions...examples here, here, and here.
  9. I'm getting psyched to do #Walk2020 in the new year.  Which means walking 2020 miles in 2020 (about 5.5 miles per day).  This should be fun!
  10. I'm also getting psyched to go 100% whole-food, plant-based vegan in the new year.  I very rarely eat meat anyway so that should be easy but I LOVE dairy so that part will be hard!

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  1. I am getting a lemon tree this spring. The news is horrible. I have cried over the tragedies.