Thursday, January 2, 2020

Day 2 of 2020

So keeping up with my resolutions has been kind of hit or miss but I have done piano lessons two days in a row, Spanish lessons two days in a row, done an interesting activity two days in a row (bingo yesterday and taking photos today), and also managed to walk two days in a row (see photos from today's walk here).  I think that quitting caffeine and dairy may be asking too much though...

In other news, this article talks about "how to survive the coming retirement crisis" and here's a list of "everything you should stop buying in 2020".  Also, our sky was a beautiful mix of pink and purple last night (see photo above).  Hopefully your new year is off to a happy and productive start!


  1. I would love to quit dairy as I think it is affecting my stomach, but am finding it hard as I love all things dairy.

    1. Me too, but small bits are ok.. see what you CAN tolerate and work up- its what I did.