Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Very (Frugal) Good Day!

Today was an unexpectedly good day.  First, I went online to check my bank account and our tax return was there.  I only filed our taxes ten days ago so this was quite the surprise!  I think the refund was done in record time compared to all previous years.

Then we went to the buffet for lunch and again, since it is Wednesday, we got a buy one, get one free lunch paid for with the "half point dining" discount so we only paid around $2.65 each for our lunches!

Then we headed over to the Goodwill and I found this Travelsmith travel vest and snapped it up for only $5.99!!!  FWIW, this vest usually retails for around $80 and I have actually been looking for this sort of vest for the past few months to use for walking and hiking instead of using a backpack.  It has 15 pockets so I can literally carry all of my stuff that way.  I couldn't justify spending $80 on such a vest because I didn't know if I would actually like and use it so buying stuff at the Goodwill (on half price Wednesdays) is a great way to try out items I may or may not use, at a fraction of retail.  If I don't like it I can always give it away or resell it.