Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day! And 10 Useful Links

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  We did our usual--hubby made me a very sweet card as he does for all holidays/birthdays/anniversaries--and we went out for lunch for the holiday yesterday (I'm not a fan of crowded restaurants like what happens on Valentine's Day so we usually have lunch out the day before or the day after the holiday!).  Also, here are some useful/interesting links you might like...

  1. For the really frugal among us, this post talks about living without a sim card and cell phone bill (note that cell phones can be used to call 911 even if they don't have a sim card in them).
  2. This was a very informative link about how Social Security works shared by a reader.
  3. Don't forget that your kids can try ice hockey for free next week.
  4. NASA will soon be accepting applications for their astronauts corps (sounds like fun but they would take one look at my science scores and laugh me out of the building!).
  5. Also, Gerber is looking for its next spokesbaby.
  6. My retirement plan so be like this lady when I grow up!
  7. And if you are feeling broker than usual, even though you are earning the same as before, this may be why.
  8. For those of you looking for a cheaper option for dental work, prescriptions, and eyeglasses, consider Mexico!
  9. Our taxes are all done and our wedding was decades ago, but apparently there are several tax breaks people can get for their weddings (who knew?).
  10. Finally, here are some frugal habits of the rich and famous--we do most of these things...still aren't rich and famous though :)

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