Friday, April 24, 2020

The Natives Are Getting Restless

It seems like six weeks is about the limit to people's patience when it comes to being quarantined at home.  Already people are protesting in our city about being able to reopen businesses and our mayor caused a kerfuffle when she had a contentious interview with Anderson Cooper a couple days ago.  Even marriages won't have to wait much longer as the marriage bureau will open up next week.  So apparently all of this isolation is causing problems for lots of people.

On the home front, hubby has been binge-watching Netflix series', starting with Narcos and now he is on to Surviving Escobar (which apparently has 69 episodes!).  I've been binge-reading so thank goodness for our great library where I borrow all of my ebooks for free!  Speaking of free, Krispy Kreme is having a 'buy a dozen, get a dozen donuts free' promotion tomorrow which sounds like a (pardon the pun) sweet deal!  Also, while it is late notice, Wendy's is giving away free nugget today.


  1. So, the next excuse for addiction will be Covid19?

    1. Well I know our alcohol and marijuana stores are doing a booming business right now...