Thursday, December 10, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 10 Road Kill Grill

I had 'go to Road Kill Grill' on my "to do" list for this month.  We haven't been to this amazing barbecue place in a few years and we wanted to finish up the gift card the SIL gave us so we stopped by this relatively famous place for a late lunch.  Although I eat mostly vegan food, I will have the occasional small piece of meat (in this case, beef brisket) and the sides were really good too.  Hubby, the carnivore, was of course quite happy with this place.  They have outdoor picnic tables (no indoor dining here) and everyone stayed well away from others so overall it was a safe (important these days) and tasty lunch!


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    1. Yep, they have a popular butcher shop right next to the restaurant where they sell everything from beef and goat to frog's legs and other unusual kinds of meat.