Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 9 Errands

Although it wasn't much of an activity today, all we had time for was doing a long list of errands.  Our day looked like this:

  • Get gas.  We only get gas every two or three weeks as we don't drive everyday and when we do go out, we don't go very far so after three weeks this was a necessity.
  • 99 Cent Store.  I needed a padded envelope to send gifts to my friend in Japan so we got one big padded envelope and hit up the produce section as well (six big tomatoes for a dollar is a great deal!).
  • Dollar Tree.  Hubby needed a calendar for 2021 and didn't find one he liked at the 99 Cent Store so we went to Dollar Tree and he found one he liked for $1!
  • Post office.  I stuffed my wrapped gifts into the padded envelope and stopped by the post office to mail the package.  The cost to mail the package ($27) was more than I paid for the gifts!  Mailing stuff to Japan is super expensive because they no longer have mail going by ship, only by air.  On a happy note, there wasn't much of a line; usually the line at local post offices is out the door at this time of year.
  • Our next stop was a friend's house.  She went to her son's home out of town for the next few months and for some reason her mail isn't forwarding so we picked up the mail which we will send to her and hopefully the forwarding will begin tomorrow according to the post office.
  • Sam's Club.  We haven't been to Sam's Club in about a month so we picked up bread, some cases of food to send in our next box to the Philippines, and several other food items for our little stockpile.
  • Ran home, made lunch, ordered hubby's prescriptions by calling the pharmacy, scheduled an appointment for hubby to renew his driver's license (there was one appointment left in the next three months so we were lucky to get it!), and checked my internet bill (when I got my internet bill yesterday the cost had gone up $10 so I called and complained and they lowered it back to what we had been paying; they had no explanation for the increase).
  • Bowling.  Hubby played in his regular Wednesday bowling league (socially distanced, of course).
By the time we got home, the sun was setting (see photo above).


  1. That is a pretty sky. How large are the boxes you send to the Philippines? Are these for friends, family, ?
    Have you always had to make an appointment for the dl or is that because of covid?

    I think companies raise monthly rates and lower the rates for those people who complain.

    1. The boxes are really big (50 pound bag of rice only takes up about a third of the box) and it is really cheap to send ($70). We send it to the son and grandkids so they are always happy to receive all kinds of food, tech, and home goods from us. Yep our Department of Licensing is so far behind that they have to do appointments for everything now and are fully booked 90 days out!