Monday, January 18, 2021

This Week Should Be Interesting...

The presidential inauguration happens on Wednesday and depending on who you listen to, it will either be a boring non-event (people can't actually attend the inauguration this year) or some sort of civil war will start (based on the people who stormed the capital a couple weeks ago).  Obviously I hope for peace and quiet for all!  In other news...

  • Our sunsets are amazing (see photo above).
  • I've been contacted by a half dozen relatives since I uploaded all of my genealogy research to Family Search.  It's pretty cool hearing from distant relatives I never knew existed and it's good to know some relatives are working diligently on finding more info on "brick walls" including one great great grandmother of mine who was married three times, had nine kids, and moved all over the place.  Her first record was her marriage to husband number one so we have no idea where she came from.  
  • We went to Ikea today and the check out line was nearly a hundred people long!  At least it moved fast but that was the most crowded I had ever seen this Ikea store.  Maybe because it is a holiday?  I've also heard people are overwhelming builders and building stores because many people are renovating their homes since they can't really go anywhere.  I guess everyone is spending money they would have spent on vacations and stuff like that on the homes they have been stuck in for the past year.
  • Next we went to Walmart which also seemed pretty busy.  It kind of looked like people were panic buying several things (flour, sugar, canned meat) but it wasn't quite as bad as at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • In more relaxing news, I found this YouTube station which shows live views of the earth from the ISS.  Pretty cool!
I hope you have a quiet and calm week!


  1. I found where my grandmother was from by looking at her child's records where it asked where parents were from.

  2. I think home renovation has been huge since the start of the pandemic.

    1. You and your husband have certain done some wonderful things with your house!