Thursday, June 10, 2021

Beautiful Sunsets and Other Things

We continue to have beautiful sunsets nearly every night!

We were going to take a quick trip to Laughlin which is a nice little town on the Colorado River about an hour and a half from Las Vegas but with temps like these we decided we might need to wait until fall!

We were shopping at Costco when hubby said "those containers are smaller than usual!"  Mayo always comes in 32 ounce containers but these that we saw were only 30 ounces.  Did they think we wouldn't notice?  I guess the grocery shrink ray strikes again!

Another thing we want to do this fall is check out these official Nevada Landmarks.  This is a list of 271 sites around Nevada that have markers explaining the location's historical significance.  This would make a great roadtrip!

Finally, I am very happy that the mass emergence of cicadas isn't happening in our area.  This happened in our area a couple years ago with grasshoppers which was really icky so I was happy to find this is only happening on the east coast this summer (sorry people on the east coast!).


  1. I bought Miracle Whip in a jar that said, "Same Size as Always." Yet the quart was now 30 ounces! That is not right. So, the price went up.

  2. Sneaky!! Like someone is NOT going to notice. Oh well, we will just have to watch for sales and use those coupons.