Thursday, June 17, 2021

From This Week...

...we have had more beautiful sunsets (there have been a few fires in the area which causes a lot of particulate matter in the air which is what makes for such dramatic sunsets).'s still hot! 

...our neighbor got a solar system installed.  We kind of checked into this when we first moved in but it seemed like we wouldn't realize a return on such an investment for years so decided not to go with solar on our house. 

...our lemon tree is bursting with baby lemons! 

...I'm making some progress on my jigsaw puzzle.  

...I applied to work at the World Series of Poker for the 8th (?) year.  They moved the date of the event from summer--it is usually happening this month--to late fall so I'm not sure what we will be doing then as we had some travel planned but my friend called and said just to apply then decide if I want to work later.  I love working at this event so I am happy they are back after skipping last year due to the pandemic and with travel still being kind of "iffy", this may be a great way to spend our fall and make a little extra money!

...another friend is bound and determined to find me a job (not sure why, I am happily kind of retired!) so when she heard a similar job to the one I applied for a couple months ago just came open, she immediately called me and said to apply as she thinks that organization doesn't need their director to live in the area.  I'll send in my CV and see what happens!

...We were talking to a friend of ours who is 90 (!) years old.  She is quite independent, drives herself everywhere, is an avid bowler, and is hilariously funny.   When we were visiting her I noticed she had a big stack of books on the table which she said she had finished reading.  Apparently she buys A LOT of books so I told her about how great our library system is and that she can download any book she wants to read for free from the library.  She had never heard of this so she said she would have her daughter get her set up for this on her tablet.  When I was showing her all of the online resources from our library, even I was surprised at how much their resource section had expanded.  This is an example of the kinds of things our library has available and I've heard that other libraries let people check out free passes for tourist attractions in their area.  Amazing!


  1. Those are a lot of resources. I have heard of libraries that lend tools for woodworking, sewing machines, garden tools. But, those are not here. I want to be that kind of 90-yr-old that your friend is.

    1. I would love to have a lending library of sorts for things like sewing and woodworking!