Sunday, November 7, 2021

No Spend November Week #1 Update

The first week of our No Spend November Challenge looks like it will be a low-spend month instead of a no-spend month.  We are trying to keep our discretionary spending under $500 for the month and judging by our spending so far, we better tighten up our spending a bit more to reach that goal!  Here's how we spent our money for the first week (this doesn't count monthly bills):

November 1: Sam's Club $24 for groceries (this is the least we've ever spent there!), Mexican grocery store $6 for groceries (their produce is super cheap), Buffet at Asia $26 (our favorite buffet, obviously we should have skipped this for our challenge but it is our habit to eat out once a week), another Mexican store $12 for groceries.

November 2: Great Clips $20 for a haircut and tip (hubby cuts my hair once or twice between professional haircuts; it's been about three months since my last professional haircut and I was looking pretty shaggy!), Albertson's $13 for groceries.

November 3: Arco $12 for gas, 99 Cent store $14 for groceries.

November 4: Movies $8 (we haven't been to the movies in ages and hubby really wanted to see No Time to Die before it left the theater so we went on senior day when tickets are $4 each)

November 5: Food at the bowling center $8 (we really should have packed our lunch like we usually do when hubby bowls but we were running late so we ate there).

November 6:  A no spend day!  Actually I participated in a preparedness exercise with the city and they provided all kinds of food and snacks so we didn't spend anything this day.

November 7:  Baskin Robbins $5 for a B n R Blast (at least I cut this bad habit down to once a week instead of twice or three times a week!

Total spent this week: $148  eeekkk  We were hoping to spend around $125 so we need to cut down a bit more next week!


  1. The picture of the sunset is really beautiful. I get many no or low spend weeks because the ads are not great. So, I never do a whole month.

    1. I've noticed our ads are getting less and less good as far as sales go too!

  2. I used to love going to 99 Cent Store when we snowbirded in the west...such a great way to save! Ross store was also a favorite..

    1. The 99 cent store is still really popular here. I'm hoping we will get an Aldi here someday!