Sunday, November 14, 2021

No Spend November Week #2 Update

Continuing on with our challenge, here is how we spent our money this week...

November 8: Black Bear Diner $20 for lunch (our weekly lunch date), Albertson's $8 for groceries (loss leaders).

November 9: $0  A no-spend day!

November 10: Arco $20 for gas, 99 Cent Store $15 for groceries, Burger King $8 for lunch.

November 11: Southpoint buffet $5 for tip (the buffet was free for both of us for Veterans Day), Great Clips $5 for tip (hubby got a free haircut here for Veterans Day), Albertsons $11 for groceries (all loss leaders).

November 12: 99 Cent Store $4 for groceries, bowling alley snack bar $7 for lunch (we should have packed a lunch!).

November 13: Baskin Robbins $5 for coffee drink (my once-a-week indulgence!), Panda Express $9 for lunch.

November 14: Ross $21 for a birthday gift for my friend, Dollar Tree $4 for sundries (card, shoe laces, etc).

Total spent this week: $142 which is still more than the $125 we were aiming to spend this week!

And some other things...

  • There were many freebies and discounts for Veterans Day and since hubby is a veteran, we took advantage of the free buffet offered to vets and their guest at the Southpoint Casino and hubby got a free haircut at Great Clips too.  We decided not to get any other freebies because we don't need to be eating a mountain of fast food!
  • The weather has been so perfect that we haven't had to use the air conditioning OR heat for more than a month.  Usually the weather changes faster than this and we go from AC to heat in about a week so this will be a nice savings on our heating/AC bill!
  • Since I am sort of a science geek, I found this 'Timeline of the Human Condition' pretty fascinating.
  • Looking back at our spending, I see that we ate out way too much this week!  On the bright side, we skipped our weekly trip to Costco/Sam's Club because we have pretty much everything we need and shopping at these stores just makes us want to buy stuff we don't really need.
  • The economy still seems to be going off the rails.  Service everywhere is pretty meh, prices on everything, especially food, seem to go up daily, shortages seem to be everywhere as well (lots of random things we look for at the stores seem light or missing all together--our grocery store is missing many kinds of deli meat and didn't have ANY whole turkeys in stock!).
  • The government giveth, the government taketh away.  I was happy to hear that hubby would get a nice little COLA added to his social security check starting in January.  Then a few days later I saw where his monthly payment for Medicare which is taken out of his Social Security check would also increase dramatically.  Bummer.
  • Finally, I just came across this freebies website and since I need a calendar for next year, I ordered this free calendar which was listed on the website.

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