Monday, January 3, 2022

10 Money-Saving Links

Here are a bunch of links that can save you some money...

  1. A program for cheaper internet for low-income Americans started a couple days ago.  Check it out!
  2. Here is a list of free entrance days for the National Parks in 2022.  Add these to your calendar!
  3. If you don't want to visit the national parks on free days (when the parks will be mobbed!), check out these other free and reduced-cost National Park passes you may qualify for.
  4. Here is a list of 700(!) birthday freebies you can sign up for.
  5. Tax season is just around the corner, you can get free tax filing assistance here and here.
  6. Scrolling through this site, there are quite a few links for free stuff.
  7. And don't forget to check the class action rebate site occasionally to see if you qualify for any rebates.
  8. There are also several websites that help you find forgotten money you may be owed.
  9. If you didn't pull your free annual credit report last year, it is a good idea to do it now (this helps you fix any problems on it which is especially useful if you intend to buy a house or make any other big purchase this year).
  10. Finally, this is a great site for general personal finance news.

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