Monday, March 28, 2022

10 Things from Today

In no particular order...

  1. Target covered their concrete bollards with...costumes? 
  2. I wanted to get a small desk for the couple times a month I do Zoom meetings so I was happy to find this folding, portable kitchen island for $20 at the Goodwill.  I set it up in one of our guest rooms and I love the way it turned out (BTW, I got the lamp for $1 at the same Goodwill!).

  3. I can't wait until this Friday when the 1950 census is released!  I hope to find a lot of good resources to add to my genealogy files!
  4. Today was the first day we turned on our air conditioning for the season :(  I was hoping to go another month or so before turning it on but it is in the 90s here this week!
  5. My allergies are also going nuts.  With so much blowing dust (it's hot and windy this week) and blowing pollen it is doing a number on my usual icky seasonal allergies.  Bummer.
  6. I saw a girl on YouTube cut off the bottom of her lotion bottle to get the remainder that the pump couldn't get to so when hubby's lotion was running out we tried cutting off the bottom and there was a LOT of lotion left over that we would otherwise have thrown out! 

  7. Here's a reminder that 3G will be shutting down by the end of the year so if you have an old phone, it may not work after that.
  8. April 1-7 is National Walking Week and our walking club will have a walking event each day to celebrate (that's 70k of walking in one week!).  So far we have got proclamations from local cities, our county, and the governor of Nevada to celebrate the event.  If you want to walk during walking week, many walking clubs across the country are holding a variety of walking events.
  9. National Park Week is also coming up in April.  The NPS will have a free entrance day on April 16 and many parks will host special events during that week.
  10. We went to Sam's Club today and were happy to see that everything was pretty well stocked (there has been a lot of talk on social media about people panic buying food lately); we weren't so happy to see that pretty much everything has gone up in price since we were there last month!


  1. When you sit at the desk, is that enough light so you look right? Also, what will the camera see behind you?

    That is a lot of walking! Wish I could walk a bit.

    Cute bollards.

    I wonder if 3G will work for 911. I can donate these for women in abusive situations.

    1. Good point about what the camera will see behind me! That's why I moved to a guest room instead of the kitchen because hubby kept walking behind me during my zoom meetings!

  2. I do same with lotion all the time and mostly everything- there is always lots more to get out of alot of containers, bottles, etc

    1. I never knew this...think of all the product most people throw away without knowing it's there!