Saturday, March 26, 2022

Around Downtown Las Vegas Today

My walking group met up this morning to do a 10k around downtown Las Vegas and we found the following things...

...decorative buildings

...and a decorative fire department building

...a guy hanging off a very tall building

...gas prices that continue to rise (I'm starting to sound like a broke record on this topic!)

...and my favorite store (the Kipling Outlet at the North Premium Outlet Mall)


  1. I like the decorative buildings. Gas prices have dropped have dropped about twenty cents in the last two weeks from the high to less than $4/gal. Hopefully, this trend will reach you.

  2. I hope our gas goes down too, I think we are one of the states with very expensive gas just after California!

  3. There isnt alot of items in that store- does that mean its expensive?