Monday, May 23, 2022

Stocking Up

While we did our errands today, I made a special point to stock up on...everything.  If the front cover of the Economist says we are headed towards a global food catastrophe, I want to at least be a little proactive towards keeping us from going hungry.  Considering my gardening skills (we got exactly ONE tiny tomato from our gardening efforts this above) this will be no small feat!  

I heard that the price of stamps is going up again so I bought a couple of extra books of stamps today at the post office which should last us well over a year since I hardly mail anything these days.

This weekend was also the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas which brings hundreds of thousands of people to a huge music festival each year and where apparently bar bills can top what people would pay for a house!  eeekkk

Then I paid the annual registration for our car and instead of paying $235, we only paid $33 because hubby gets a veteran's tax exemption from the county.  They also exempt a chunk of our house property tax too.  Many counties do this and it is a great way to save a little extra money each year!

Finally, here are some interesting and useful cooking tips.

And one more is a $2 movie special that is running at several movie theaters this summer. 

And yet another can get three months of Hulu for $1 per month!


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    1. Definitely! We get sticker shock every time we go to the grocery store these days!