Sunday, August 14, 2022

Cash Only Report--Week 2

We are still staying cash-only and within our low-spend goal this week...

  • August 8:  $20 gas, $4 99 Cent Store (food), $7 Baskin Robbins, $15 bingo, .25 copy document, $10 grips for bowling ball, $8.48 Albertsons (food)
  • August 9:  $5 Baskin Robbins
  • August 10:  $8 movies
  • August 11:  No spend
  • August 12:  $5 Baskin Robbins, $45.23 Albertsons (food)
  • August 13:  $5 Baskin Robbins
  • August 14:  No spend
Our total spending this week was $132.96, a bit higher than our goal of $125 (which we would have easily met if I didn't have so many coffee drinks at Baskin Robbins!).  We paid for everything in cash this week (it's getting easier this week to just whip out cash and not the credit card) and we were able to add some food to our stockpile thanks to some good sales on food and buying mostly loss leaders.  We enjoyed two fun activities this week--bingo and watching the movie 'Easter Sunday'--and of course we did this as cheaply as possible by buying basic bingo packets and getting matinee senior prices for the movie.  Getting gas was a bit of a hassle as I had to go into the store to pay but by paying cash we also saved 10 cents per gallon so it is kind of a wash.  Overall, we are both enjoying the challenge of this cash-only, low-spend month!


  1. I don't think of Baskin Robbins as a coffee place.

    1. I didn't either until I tried their Baskin Robbins Blast and found it to be ten times better than a Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino!