Friday, September 23, 2022

10 Things to Prepare For

I hope you all are having a wonderful fall.  Since it is in the 90s here and not 110 degrees, I guess that qualifies for fall in the desert!  Here are some things to prepare for in the near future...

  1. The mid-terms are coming up in November so if you aren't registered to vote, now may be a good time to do that (then vote like your life depends on it because it may!).
  2. Daylight savings time ends in early November as well so I always make sure we have furnace filters in stock as well as D batteries because when we change the clocks back, we also replace the furnace filters and the batteries in our smoke detectors.
  3. We have been buying an extra bag of candy each week when we go grocery shopping in preparation for Halloween (which is better than running out and buying a whole bunch of candy at the last minute!).
  4. I can't find the article, but I read somewhere that more than 65% of Americans plan to put their Thanksgiving dinner on their credit card because they can't afford to pay for their dinner items all at once.  Big yikes there!  Like our Halloween plan, we are buying a few items each week for our Thanksgiving dinner so when the time arrives, we won't have a big outlay of money all at once for what will be a much more expensive dinner this year due to escalating food costs.
  5. Also, along similar lines, now is a great time to start Christmas shopping as well since spreading out the costs, a little at a time, is much better than buying all of your gifts the weekend before Christmas!
  6. Since we are on a preparedness kick, here is a good list of fall home maintenance tasks that should be done soon.
  7. Here is a good list of end-of-the-year financial tasks you might want to review.
  8. And here is a good list of things to do to get your car ready for fall and winter.
  9. For those of you living where the winter weather can be treacherous, now is a good time to review your winter storm preps as well.
  10. Finally, here are several other things I am doing this month: I signed up to participate in our community's annual CERT exercise which will happen this fall, I am back to walking now after a long, hot summer of minimal walking outside, and we will have several guests for the month of November so we are stocking up on groceries, particularly loss leaders like the pork chops we got today for 97 cents per pound, so we can feed everyone for the month.


  1. I always started well before Thanksgiving buying groceries for the big meal and baking supplies. Right now, I have a turkey, cranberries--fresh frozen and jellied in can, canned pumpkin, and other items.

    My kids and I would have eaten candy bought too

    1. Well...I have been snacking on some of the candy so you are right, that part might not be a good idea! You reminded me that I need to pick up some canned pumpkin which totally slipped my mind!

  2. Great list. Thank you for posting!