Monday, September 26, 2022

5 Quick Things

In no particular order...

  1. Some people on social media are saying this countdown on the Olive Garden website is leading up to the annual 'Never ending Pasta Pass' sale which usually sells out within minutes.  
  2. If you are along the gulf in Florida, I hope you are well and truly prepared for Hurricane Ian.  This looks like it might be a very big deal!
  3. Yesterday I was moving some food around in our garage pantry and I saw a few bugs and started freaking out!  I visualized all of our stored food infested with bugs and having to throw every thing away and the waste of I pulled everything out of the pantry to reorganize it and thankfully, the only bugs I found were the few I originally saw on the shelf.  Phew!  So a reminder to regularly check your stored food and keep it in rotation with the food you regularly eat so nothing has a chance to go bad.
  4. From the stored food, I grabbed a one pound bag of garbanzo beans (chickpeas), threw them in the Instapot, and now I have a massive amount of chickpeas to deal with so it looks like I will be making hummus, falafel, Indian curried chickpeas, and freezing the rest.  A dollar bag of dried beans is one of the best things you can buy in terms of quantity of food/protein/etc.
  5. In my endless search for the perfect new cell phone, I picked up yet another new phone yesterday (a Motorola Edge that was half off), I set it up, didn't like it much, so I added it to the box of things we are sending to the Philippines.  During this whole process, I decided to check the 'my Google account' page which I never check and it showed that my Google account was linked to several devices I no longer have, even after wiping and factory resetting the devices!  So a quick reminder to regularly check all of the details of your Google account (probably similar for your Apple account) to make sure the info is accurate and up to date.


  1. I'm envious of those prepped chickpeas. I love hummus & falafels... maybe I should make some as well. Yum!!

    1. They are really easy to make! Both the fast bean cooking in the instapot as well as hummus although falafel is a bit trickier but well worth the effort!

  2. If it's one that freaks me out as bad - its finding a bug- indoors!