Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Black Friday...eeekkk

It used to be Black Friday was a one-day shopping event that happened the day after Thanksgiving.  This year it seems like sales advertised as Black Friday deals started happening back in October!  So far I haven't succumbed to the massive advertising blitz for all of these great tech deals (although I am looking at a new cell phone but it really doesn't make sense to spend $1000 on a new cell phone when I rarely use the cell phone I have as I only use it for calls, texts, and taking pictures).  In other news:


  1. I've bought stamps three times lately. I might buy another time before stamps go up. I only buy the little amount that folds twice. That way, the outlay is over a few months.
    The woman who was going to clean was starting to mix vinegar and something else! She owns a cleaning company. Yeah, sure.
    Love free genealogy. I am on fb, but rarely go there. I figure that i have been on the internet for so long, that everyone who needs to know or wants to know, all the nefarious types have my info. Now, long lost friends probably cannot find me.
    Good list today.