Saturday, December 3, 2022

My Week in W's

I've never done this before but Sam does this on her blog regularly and I think she has started something as I've seen this same themed post on other blogs too so I decided to give it a try!

  • What's top of mind: cowboys.  The National Finals Rodeo is taking place here this week and there are cowboys everywhere!
  • Where I've been: nowhere but it was nice having two of hubby's sisters visit last week.  One got sick with the crud that is going around but the doctor gave her some medication that cleared her right up so that was good!
  • Where I'm going: nowhere.  And I may skip shopping and just order stuff online for Christmas gifts.  I went for my daily walk today and stopped by a few stores and there were masses of people everywhere.  Yikes!
  • What I'm eating: too much junk food.  Maybe after the holidays I will hop back on the healthy food bandwagon.  The little neighbor boy showed up yesterday with a box of brownie mix (he usually texts and asks for brownies but his mom has started sending him over with a box mix lately) so I whipped them up for him and he was incredibly happy (so was his mom!).  Of course I kept a couple for me  :)
  • What I'm watching: TV.  I love shows like 20/20, Dateline, and 48 Hours...or any true crime show really.
  • What I'm reading: thanks to our amazing library system, I read something new almost daily.  I like historical romances so I sort this category by new releases and put several newly released books on hold.
  • What I'm listening to: Rob Braxman, a YouTuber who discusses internet security and privacy.  Every Saturday when I clean the house, I listen to his hour and a half weekly live stream as I clean.  It makes the cleaning go by so quickly!
  • What I'm planning: no plans for Christmas (yet).  We used to do a huge Christmas dinner/party with a bunch of hubby's relatives but that has been cancelled since covid started.  Not sure if we will reinstitute this event or not (I'm kind of good with not, I like relaxing at home on the holidays with no need to show up anywhere or do anything!).
  • Who needs a good slap: no one in particular but the news is pretty awful everyday.  I think if the major news stations ever highlighted a good story at the top of every broadcast I would keel over in shock!
  • Who deserves knuckles (fist bump): cashiers in pretty much every store these days.  I went to a few stores today and I guess the limited number of employees plus everyone Christmas shopping equaled really long lines but the cashiers everywhere today were all very nice even though their jobs looked incredibly stressful!
  • What's making me smile: nice weather.  It's still bright and sunny here with temps in the mid 60s, and while all of this sunny weather doesn't much put me in the mood for the holidays, watching many other places in the US inundated with snow this week reminded me that I am very thankful that I haven't needed a car window scraper or snow shovel for more than a decade!


  1. Cheers to the retail and restaurant workers! I agree they deserve a lot of good will and kind words. Thanks for the shout out. I like the W's recap. Though some get pretty lean, I think about how I used my time and mental energy.

    1. That's a great way to create an overview to look back on later without having to search through all past posts. Great idea!