Friday, May 26, 2023

The Goodwill in My Area is Awesome!

I haven't been out shopping in ages so this morning we hit a couple of Goodwill stores in our area.  This is my favorite place to shop and we are lucky that in Las Vegas there are more than a dozen Goodwill stores to choose from.  The selection of stuff they carry is equally amazing (where else would you find old lady clothes, showgirl costumes, dapper suits, and collectables from all over the world in one place?).  I think it is because people from all over the country and the world, and people from the very poor to the very rich, donate stuff to this store so they end up with a very unique collection of items.  FWIW I love old lady clothes--comfy pants, comfy shirts, and comfy sweaters are my jam!

From today's shopping...they had a bunch of matching jackets (who knows where they came from but sometimes casinos change out uniforms and donate all of their old uniforms to local Goodwill stores), beautiful ball gowns (everyone's first place to shop for prom dresses should be the Goodwill, these dresses cost pennies on the dollar compared to regular retail stores), and a karmic message (crop tops are very popular for the younger crowd these days so as I was looking through the tops I wondered if I should buy a trendy crop top.  Then next top had a big 'Nope' on it.  Message received!).




  1. 😂 A big old Nope…how funny!

  2. When we lived in Florida the resale shops were amazing, here, not so much. I've seen all of the cropped tops and it's a big Nope for me too.