Tuesday, September 19, 2023

My Life With Cats

So this is me now...

...buying cat food in bulk (this is the cheapest way to buy cat food; at Sam's Club it is about $1 per pound for a big bag of cat food).  I looked at the price for canned cat food and it is expensive--we would probably go through $100 every few days if we were feeding the cats canned cat food!

...the cats sit outside on the back porch and sometimes stare at me for hours.  I have no idea what this means but it is a little freaky.  They look like they want attention but when I open the door they scatter so I have no idea what they want when they watch us for hours.

...they are very cute though...


  1. They are too cute! We also buy that same bag to feed our strays and our cat Jake. I can remember around the early 2000's I used to think that 21 cents for a can of Fancy Feast was a little expensive, and now they are 88 cents a can. Mind-blowing!

    1. That's about as long ago as I last looked at the price for wet cat food. With a little math I figured their cat food would cost more than our people food!

  2. Oh, look at those sweet faces! It's good that you are feeding them. Maybe they will come around to letting you pet them eventually. They really do look like they want your attention.